Welcome to my website, a small page built for you to read
and me to post random stuff, which I do, if I have some spare time.

Most of my projects you will find at Github .
My latest stuff is at Gitlab .


What I do

Developing complicated stuff during the work day -
not stopping at any time.

Interested in everything that flies -
at the moment FPV copters.
3D printing goes ideally along with this hobby.

Did some copter control, real time operating system and LiPo charger as side projects in the past.

Sometimes I post stuff at Twitter.


Who I Am

Since the very start heavily engaged with software and electronics.
Have an engineering degree in mechanics with focus on engineering informatics.
Now an expert in Diesel and gas engine control, embedded software, electronics hardware, process development and more to come.
At the moment engaged with industrial controls and inspection systems, involving cameras and lasers.
And this page is getting more professional than it should.
Visit ing for that.

This here is for fun and learning.



Sometimes I photograph stuff.
I'm still practising.


Say Hello.

Send mail to web@domain.name.

If you figure this out and things work, your message will reach me lightningly fast.
My response might be somewhat slower.